10 Exercises To Do On the Road

Driving a truck can be a very rewarding job which allows you to earn a good income and be out on the open road. However, there can be a pretty serious downside to your career.

You can suffer from all kinds of back and spine issues, lose muscle tone, and become inflexible and stiff. You can also gain unwanted and unhealthy weight.   It is not hard to imagine how, of course.  Sitting in a truck driver’s seat day in and day out doesn’t offer tons of opportunities for exercise.  But, you can pack only a few items and be ready for a workout anywhere!

Check out some of these amazingly simple and straightforward fitness moves that will keep you in shape while you are out on the road.

#1 Lunges

  1. Hold 1 dumbbell in each hand
  2. Keep your hands at your sides and let your arms hang loose
  3. Lower one leg behind you and bring your front leg into a right angle parallel with the floor
  4. Be careful not to let the front knee lunge past the ankles or feet
  5. Stand back up.  Keeping balanced may be challenging but this is also great practice for your core.
  6. Repeat 10 times on each side
  7. Then work up to a total of 5 sets of 20 for a total of 100 total lunges


#2 Dumbbell Squats

  1. Hold 1 dumbbell in each hand
  2. Keep your hands at your sides and let your arms hang loose
  3. Squat  as though you are going to sit in a chair
  4. Keep your feet pointing straight ahead and keep your knees behind your ankles and feet
  5. Come back up.  Keeping balanced may be challenging but this is also great practice for your core.
  6. Repeat 20 times.
  7. Then work up to a total of 5 sets of 20 for a total of 100 squats.


#3 Lateral Raise Shoulder Exercises

  1. Hold 1 dumbbell in your hand and hold onto your truck with the other.
  2. Lean outward while gripping the truck
  3. Let your arm hang
  4. Raise your arm up the side of your body and to the shoulder in one smooth motion.
  5. Then, lower it back down
  6. Work up to 5 sets of 10 on each side.

#4 Anterior Deltoid Raises

  1. Hold 1 dumbbell in each hand
  2. Look down to be sure that you are standing straight up with your feet shoulder width apart.
  3. Keep your elbows loose and slightly bent
  4. Raise your left arm holding the dumbbell to the height of your shoulder
  5. Then lower it back down and repeat with the right arm
  6. Do 4 sets of 10 reps on each side.

#5 V Ups

  1. Lay on a yoga mat or towel on your back
  2. Stretch out with the back of your head flat against the ground
  3. Extend your legs with toes pointed upward
  4. Extend your arms over your head
  5. Palms should be facing the sky OR holding a medicine ball
  6. Slowly bring legs and hands toward each other so that your abs are crunched tightly between them and they create a V shape.
  7. Return arms and legs back to floor and repeat
  8. Do as many as you can without losing form

#6 Trunk Twists

  1. Lay on your back on a yoga mat, towel or blanket
  2. Extend your legs upward toward the ceiling.
  3. Lift your head off the ground
  4. Do not extend your head so much that you hurt your neck
  5. Keep your chin up as you lift from the chest, not the neck
  6. Twist from side to side working your sides.  You can use a medicine ball or weights, as well.
  7. Do 20-25 reps in each set and do 2 – 3 sets

#7 Incline Push Ups

  1. Get in normal push up form, but with your feet propped up on a curb, tire, etc.
  2. Lower body down as you would with a normal pushup
  3. Continue for as many reps as you can without losing form or hurting yourself
  4. You can start with regular pushups if need be

#8 Resistance Band Back Rows

  1. Sit on the ground
  2. Stretch your legs straight in front of you
  3. Hook the resistance band around the arches of your feet
  4. Adjust so that there is an even amount of band on each side
  5. Be sure your back is straight and begin to lean forward
  6. Keep your arms straight and don’t let yourself be pulled
  7. Lean back while keeping arms out straight and strong
  8. Hold your torso strong and row your arms by pulling the resistance band until your hands are at chest level.
  9. Allow the arms to straighten back out, but do not be pulled
  10. You can pull high or low, in the center, etc. to get different muscles and work out your whole arm area
  11. Repeat 10 times per set with 4 sets.

#9 Jump Rope

  1. This is great for getting some cardio in and you don’t have to go far from your truck
  2. Simply pack a jump rope and begin jumping
  3. As you get better you can alternate legs, do double jumps, or tone your arms by swinging the rope side to side.
  4. Aim for 15 minutes of jumping total

#10 Bicep Curls

  1. Hold a dumbbell in each hand
  2. Let your arms hang down
  3. Lean against the truck cab in order to isolate your bicep muscle
  4. Pull your elbows into your hip bones while slowly lifting the dumbbells up to your chest
  5. Slowly let your arms back down
  6. Work up to 4 sets of 10 reps each
  7. Remember not to swing your arms, stay slow and in control

These quick exercises will keep you flexible, strong and in shape.  You can do them all with minimum equipment at a rest stop or in a hotel room.  So, no more excuses.  If you want to look and feel better, you can do it, whether you drive a truck or not. Make it a priority and you will see results.