Our 2020 Improvements For Drivers

Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2020 starts on September 13, 2020. Though our top priority is our drivers’ health and happiness every week, this week is a great opportunity to reflect on how important our drivers are and how much we appreciate them.

Throughout the week, as well as the former and latter weeks, Simon Transport will be giving out food, goodie bags, and company swag to our awesome drivers. 

We also want to use Driver Appreciation Week to reflect on the ways we’ve moved forward in making drivers’ lives easier and their careers more rewarding. Here are some of the improvements we’ve made for our drivers throughout the recent years.  And, we are continually looking at other ways to help our drivers with enjoying time on the job (on the road) like fun contests, new comforts in the truck as we add trucks, better technology and other areas as they come available.


  1. Time-saving technology

Though technology can sometimes be confusing, there’s no denying that with proper training, it can be a great time-saver. In recent years, we’ve rolled out a number of new technologies to assist drivers in their daily duties. Each truck has a dedicated tablet for scanning and sending any necessary documents, Omnitracs in every truck for faster and simpler dispatching and routing, comp check automation, and ELD compliance. RFID chips are installed on every trailer for quicker and easier refueling at every Love’s across the country. All of our drivers are trained on these new technologies in order to make their jobs easier and less stressful.


  1. Equipment: fully loaded trucks and well-maintained trailers

When out on the road, we want our drivers to be comfortable, happy, and healthy. For years, we’ve loaded every truck with every feature necessary to stay happy and healthy over the road. With an APU, inverter, microwave, refrigerator, and TV mount in every truck, our drivers can live well in their downtime. Each of our trucks also feature a 72″ raised roof, extra storage space, and a brand new, better than factory quality mattress for added comfort. Our fleet is 100% automatic, with Detroit DD-15 engines, and an average truck age of about 36 months. Trucks and trailers are maintained routinely to lessen any malfunctions while on the road and increase our drivers’ safety. 


  1. Driver communication

Though this isn’t a recent improvement, driver communication continues to be a mission of every one of our staff. Since our creation in 2004, Lyn and Helen Simon have made sure that every driver feels welcome, knows their importance, and is treated with respect. Every driver has a name, not a truck number. Every driver has time to see their loved ones. Everyone on staff knows every driver’s name, and our operations team continues to strive to accommodate reasonable home-time for our drivers. 


  1. Veteran initiative

36% of our drivers are military veterans and we are immensely proud of each and every one of them. To express our thanks for their service, we’ve installed an “Honor Wall” in our office and are rolling out new personalized truck decals for each of our veterans, customized to showcase the military branch they served in. 


  1. COVID precautions

As the COVID-19 virus took a hold of the industry and our economy as a whole, we took proactive steps to ensure the safety of our drivers, as they’re the backbone of our business and our country. Early on in the panic, we supplied all drivers with protections including masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, disinfectant sprays, paper towels, toilet paper, and snack packs. We set up pathways in our office to keep a safe distance and keep our drivers and employees safe. Lastly, we communicated extensively with drivers to learn about their concerns, make accommodations for anyone feeling unsafe or sick, and worked with customers to come up with individualized plans that kept our drivers safe. As of mid-September, we have not had a single case of the virus in any of our drivers or office staff



As we move forward through 2020, we retain our commitment to our incredible drivers. We’re constantly looking for more ways to improve their lives and the lives of their families. Drivers are the backbone of the American economy and deserve a “thank you” every day of their lives. For a more detailed “thank you” message from us, click here: Thank You, Drivers.