Affordable Products To Decorate Your Semi Truck For The Holidays (with links)

Oh, the holidays. Filled with expedited deliveries, stress of buying gifts, and receivers that have all but checked out for the year. And, of course, holiday cheer. If we’re being honest, though, it can be difficult to really feel that holiday cheer while out on the road. As far as we’re concerned, that’s a complete shame. Drivers are the reason we’re all able to have a great holiday season. If you thought a man riding across the land to deliver toys was childhood folklore, look no further than our great truck drivers.


With all that drivers do for us, we want to do our part to get them into the spirit of the season as well. As you spend your days in your home-away-from-home, here are our picks to decorate your truck without causing any Claus-trophobia.


We’re sure that you’ve seen all of the ludicrous pictures of truck exteriors going over the top with Christmas lights.



If you’ve got at least a 5,000 watt inverter, enough exterior lights to supply the whole block, and way too much time on your hands, be our guest. But we know that truck drivers would much rather find ways to decorate their sleeper interior, where they can enjoy the decor themselves and bask in the holiday spirit.



LED Light Strips – 13.2 feet 

These light strips are perfect for your sleeper. They’re battery operated so you’re not taking over the inverter, come equipped with a strong adhesive back that peels off easily and doesn’t leave the wall/ceiling of your cabin a mess. There are 20 colors and a remote control so you can change from a festive red and green to a calming warm white. Heck, these might be good for year round use.




15″ Miniature Tree, Battery Operated 

For those truckers that celebrate Christmas, this miniature tree is essential to make your truck feel more like home during the holidays. Battery operated and small enough to fit above your refrigerator, next to the bed, or many other nooks and crannies.




Plush Holiday Themed Sherpa Blanket   

You probably don’t want to overthrow your entire bed set to replace it with red and green sheets and pillowcases when this comfortable and festive blanket will do the trick.




Dashboard/Overhead Bin Garland   

This may be one of our favorites. Few things encompass the holidays, no matter how you celebrate them, better than garland and pine cones. Drape this garland on the dashboard or on top of your overhead bins and you’re sure to feel closer to home.




Mini Menorah Set   

A disclaimer is probably in order with the Menorah set: it’s not a great idea to light the candles in your truck. It is, however, a great way for drivers to keep the Hanukkah spirit.




Elf On The Shelf In The Passenger Seat   

This guy is creepy. There’s no denying it. Look at that face. Strap this guy into his seatbelt and he’ll creep you out just enough to keep you awake toward the end of a 14. Anyway, if you’ve got kids or grandkids that love coming aboard when you get home, the Elf In The Passenger will be a nice holiday surprise to keep the magic alive for them.




The Reindeer Antlers   

We had to do it. Did you think we wouldn’t? Who in their right mind wouldn’t include these? You guys are the real life Santas! It’s only fitting that your truck becomes your reindeer. You can always hang a wreath over your grill as well, but we think the antlers are more fitting.



No matter how you celebrate, or if you celebrate at all, we want to wish every driver a wonderful holiday from all of us at Simon Transport. Without each of you, this season would never be possible. Keep on truckin’!