Five Best Features About The New Freightliner Cascadias


At Simon Transport, we supply every company driver with a late-model Freightliner. As we expand, we continue to add new trucks into our fleet. Earlier this summer, we introduced a handful of 2020 model Freightliner Cascadias. The new Cascadias are much more than just a pretty face (although they are, arguably, a pretty face). These incredible machines are loaded with great features designed to make our drivers more comfortable and their rides safer. Here are five reasons why our drivers LOVE their trucks:


1. Detroit Assurance


Daimler has been developing this system since 2014 and it is now ready to deploy with the 2020 Cascadias. An HD dashboard camera and bumper-mounted radar work seamlessly together to track up to 40 objects at a range of 800 feet. While the radar focused on six objects, the camera focuses itself on four. Both the radar and camera refresh the data feed at a rate of 200 times per second. The millisecond that an object becomes a threat, the truck can begin to take action by alerting the driver and activating emergency braking, as we’ll discuss below. Adaptive cruise control automatically sets a following distance of 3.6 seconds and maintains that distance intuitively. The following distance can be increased or decreased down to as little as 2.4 seconds. 


2. Emergency Braking


With adaptive cruise control activated, our drivers enjoy less stressful rush hours. In traffic congestion, the truck will continue moving along at pace of traffic, saving you from the ankle workout associated with stop-and-go traffic. The truck’s camera and radar are constantly monitoring for pedestrians as well. If a pedestrian comes into view, the truck will alert the driver audibly and visually. If the driver doesn’t take action, the truck will stop itself. These features alleviate some very dangerous and unwanted issues. 


3. Blind-spot detection


The new Cascadias are equipped with blind-spot monitoring, consisting of two short-range radar sensors that cover the full length of the tractor and trailer. If the truck drifts into a lane with other traffic or tries to turn right in city traffic with objects in the blind spot, visual and audible alerts grab the driver’s attention. The system also warns the driver backing the trailer if he or she is about to hit an object like a sign or a pole. Too many accidents in trucking can be avoided by safety features like blind spot detection, and we want our drivers to get home safely. 


4. More space for you and your things


It’s hard to believe that you can get more breathing room without sacrificing storage space, but it’s true. The new cabins were designed to include larger driver and passenger side storage cabinets and a wardrobe cabinet with 4” of increased hanging length. With the 72” raised roof comes more headroom and better storage above the sleeping area. 


5. All the amenities of home


For drivers, your truck is your office and home away from home. Our drivers deserve to be comfortable in their trucks, and the Cascadia trucks accomplish just that. All trucks come with brand new memory foam mattresses, refrigerators, and microwaves. The microwave compartment has been expanded to fit larger and more powerful microwaves. A swivel TV mount allows drivers to install 26” flat panel TVs with 180 degrees of maneuverability, giving drivers a movie-theater-like experience. With an APU and more power outlets, drivers have more options to power computers, gaming consoles, tablets, mobile devices, and more. Aircraft-inspired overhead LED lighting is controlled by a dimmer switch for customized light levels. To top off all of the great features, the new ParkSmart HVAC system gives improved temperature control in any climate and offers 10 hours of cooling and 34 hours of heating. 


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