7 Great Hobbies Truckers Can Pick Up

If you’re an OTR driver spending up to 14 hours per day behind the wheel, it can feel like there’s little time left to spend on other activities. Finding hobbies that you can pick up while at rest stops, awaiting pick-up, or on your reset can often feel like pointless. After all, what fun can you really have in a cramped parking lot? At Simon Transport, our drivers’ happiness is our number one priority. Having fun when you’re off the clock is essential to keep a great work/life balance. Here are some great hobbies that OTR trucks can pick up in their down time.


Hobby #1: Writing

As a child, writing is a painful and arduous task. As an adult, though, jotting down what’s on your mind can be a great stress reliever and entertaining hobby. Many truck drivers are finding joy in carving out time at the end of their day to document what their day looked like, what was on their mind, and what they saw. 


On a related note, drivers can pick up blog writing to educate non-drivers about the day-to-day life of a truck driver. Take it from us, there are tons of us that love hearing stories from drivers. Anything from crazy accidents to the beautiful landscapes they get to experience all over this amazing country. You can start a blog for free with any of the various free blogging sites. We love blogspot.com as it’s easy to use and has a great design. 


Hobby #2: Photography

Very few people get to experience such fluid scenery as truck drivers. You may wake up in the desert of New Mexico and end your day in the mountains of Colorado. Most drivers do take a few moments to snap a picture from the rest stop that they’re parked, but photography can be a much more exciting hobby than a few photos on your iPhone. Professional cameras are no longer the expensive investment that they used to be. You can purchase a complete camera setup of the Canon PowerShot SX420 on Amazon for just under $300. This bundle comes with a spare battery, SD card, tripod, and more to get you started in photography. There are tons of great resources online for free to teach you all about exposure, focus, and more. Chasing the perfect shot can be a great way for OTR drivers to unwind on the road.


Hobby #3: Exercise

We know, exercise is a dirty word for most of us. For drivers, it’s essential to stay healthy after sitting for so long each day. Truckers don’t need a gym to stay fit, though. There are many great exercises you can perform in your truck, out in the parking lot, and around a rest stop. Push-ups and sit-ups are a great start. Purchasing an inexpensive set of dumbbells can further your ability to target different muscles. A small set of dumbbells are easy to store in your sleeper and allow you to perform exercises from bicep curls to overhead raises and more. Take a look at another of our blog posts, 10 Exercises To Do On The Road, to learn more.


Hobby #4: Gaming

Gaming may only sound appealing to the millennials among us, but truckers of every age can enjoy this hobby. Most trucks now come equipped with a flatscreen mount that you can attach a TV and gaming station to. Setting up a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One is easy and can provide hours and hours of entertainment, even without an internet connection. With a range of game types from trucking simulators to sports games and shooters, it’s hard to imagine a type of game that you can’t have fun with on the road. 


If you’re in a truck without a TV mount, you can still have a great time by playing video games on your laptop or smartphone. Check out this great article about the different apps truck drivers are raving about. 


Hobby #5: Drone Piloting

Flying drones has skyrocketed into popularity among OTR truckers. As we’ve said, very few people get to experience such beautiful scenery. Flying a drone above the landscapes you’re surrounded by can be an amazing experience (not to mention that flying these devices is ridiculously fun). You can pick up great used drones on Craigslist or another local classifieds for under $200, or there are plenty of great new drones for under $500. Having a log full of deserts, mountains, plains, cities, lakes, and rivers that you’ve driven past is also fun to take back home to your family. Many truckers have found that sharing these videos with their loved ones is a great way to reconnect and share the experience with those close to them. 


Hobby #6: Cooking

Cooking?! On the road?! Yes. Absolutely. 


Most every rest stop or gas station you visit has a Wendy’s or McDonald’s or Taco Bell attached at its hip. While it is convenient to grab some fast food quickly, a nice meal can center you and provide a taste of home while you’re OTR. While it can be harder to cook in your rig with a smaller refrigerator, smaller cooktop, and less counter space than your kitchen at home, cooking in your truck can be surprisingly easy and even fun (imagine that!). Whether cooking just one meal or preparing meals for your whole week, you can even save a lot of money by not visiting the diner in the rest stop. Here is a great list of recipes for truck drivers. 


Hobby #7: Fantasy Sports

This is a great hobby that not enough truck drivers think to participate in. Even novice sports fans can have a lot of fun with this, and it even spills into your time driving as well! It takes just a few minutes per day to set up your fantasy sports picks for the day, from football and basketball in the winter to baseball and soccer in the summer. While driving, you can have a lot of fun listening to games that you’ve got players in. Cheering them on, suffering with them in defeat, and checking your score at the end of the day can make the time fly by while out on the open road. Just remember to play responsibly!


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