International Roadcheck 2021: What You Need To Know



It’s that time of the year again! Although only once per year, any driver will attest that the International Roadcheck seems to creep up every six months. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has announced the International Roadcheck 2021 dates to be May 4th-6th. Any commercial vehicle operating on a roadway in Canada, the United States, or Mexico is subject to inspection. The CVSA utilizes the data collected during these inspections to identify factors that may lead to our roadways being unsafe or at risk. 


So what kinds of inspections can you plan to see? The CVSA breaks out their inspections into 5 categories, depending on conditions, vehicle, and other factors. 


  • Level I inspections consist of 37 steps, including an examination of commercial vehicles‘ mechanical fitness and of drivers’ operating requirements. This is the most common type of inspection during the event.
  • Level II inspections generally include everything that can be checked without getting physically under the vehicle.
  • Level III inspections include a review of driver requirements, such as a commercial driver’s license, vehicle documentation, cargo and record of duty status.
  • Level V inspections are equivalent to the Level I NAS inspection. The only difference is that drivers are not present. These inspections normally occur after an incident or arrest.


Every year, certain inspection items are highlighted to aid in getting a clearer understanding of commercial vehicle violation tendencies. In 2021, two categories are being highlighted: driver operating requirements and vehicle mechanical fitness. More specifically, they’ll be taking a close look at drivers’ hours of service and vehicles’ lighting function. 


In 2020, lighting violations were a huge issue accounting for 12.24% of vehicle violations. Hours of service violations were also incredibly prevalent, raking in 34.7% of driver-related violations. Looking at the current data we have for the 2021 fiscal year, lighting violations have actually increased to 12.46%, signalling a potential large issue during this year’s International Roadcheck. 


So, while vehicle maintenance should be a non-negotiable priority for every company operating a commercial vehicle (duh!), it’s smart to pay even closer attention to your equipment as May 4th approaches. Pre-trips can get a bit boring, but they’re absolutely necessary to keep our roads safe and keep you from getting a violation! Be sure not to skim over the lights on your vehicle and trailer. And as for hours of service violations: don’t be afraid to say no! As a driver, your record is your livelihood. If you’re approaching your 14 hours, pull over. If your employer insists that you need to keep going, you’re driving for the wrong company. Stick to your guns and keep that shiny record shining! At Simon Transport, we pride ourselves in organizing our trips in a way that our drivers are never worried about violating their HoS. Want to learn more? See what else we offer our drivers.