How to Keep Relationships Strong While on the Road

Are you out on the road, missing your loved ones back home? Do you feel an intimacy distance growing as much as the physical distance? Driving for a living presents some challenges as it demands so much of your time away from home. However, it is possible to maintain your relationships with some effort and creativity. Sure it may not be easy but it can work. Here are some issues to expect (which you probably are aware of already) and what you can do to keep your love going strong while on the road.

Challenges While on the Road

While you are out on the road, any relationships you maintain will be long distance. Thank goodness for technology that allows for more connection than ever before but it still isn’t the same as being together in person. Long distance relationship can be vulnerable in a few ways. The time apart can cause people to grow apart as each party begins to build their life separately. Furthermore, there are important milestones in life such as babies being born, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduations, etc which family and friends value highly but truck drivers may miss. These can take a toll on the family. Furthermore, being apart requires a high level of trust and jealousy can be a very ugly monster when it roars its head. These issues can cause a relationship stress which can lead to its deterioration.

What to do

Have you ever heard the old saying “The grass is only green where you water it”? Well, this is true in many avenues of life including relationships. Whether you are a truck driver or a stay at home mom or dad, the effort and commitment you put into a relationship will help it flourish or a lack can cause it to whither. Even with being away, there are still things you can do. Here’s a few ideas.

Talk Daily

It’s important to have regular communication. Make the time to talk to each other every day. Ask about their day, find out more about what makes them tick, and hear each other’s voice – it’s a lot more intimate than simply texting. You may feel that you don’t have anything new or exciting to share but it is still important to connect and talk about anything really. This will help you to strengthen your relationship and bond with each other. Don’t let a day pass without talking.

Play Games Together

When you’ve run out of things to say, why not play games together? There are now many mobile apps with a multiplayer function for all kinds of interests, like Words with Friends. That way, you will feel like you’re actually doing something fun with each other.

Be There for the Important Events

Events may not seem important to you, but if important to your significant other, then you should try to make an effort to be there whenever possible. It can be even harder than usual for the partner at home to have an empty seat at the dinner table on a holiday or to not have your attendance at a huge milestone in a family member’s life. Over time this can take a large toll. You probably won’t be able to make everything, but do your best to be there for the most important events. It can be easy to fall into the pattern of accepting your job will demand you to be away but it is important to make exceptions which will mean the world to those who care for you.

Make Plans for Time Together

It’s important to carve out time to be together. You may be exhausted when you get home and stressed but it’s important to give the best of yourself to those you have relationships with when you can. They likely treasure and look forward to that time. Make time for rest but also make time to do something enjoyable. Having a time period set aside will give you both something to look forward to, and make the time spent apart easier to handle. Plan out what you will do together, maybe a dinner at your favorite place or seeing the latest movie.

Manage Your Own Stress

Driving long hours on the road comes with its own stress. At the same time, your significant other would also be experiencing stress in their own lives. Often, this could spell trouble when pent up issues come pouring out after an extended time away. That’s why it’s important to manage your own stress so that you do not take it out on your significant other. Find ways to unwind by exercising, reading, or spending a day out in nature to relieve your own stress levels. This will better help you to be a present partner in your relationship.

Help Out from Afar

Not being physically there doesn’t mean that you can’t be helpful to your partner. Be creative and think of ways to contribute from a distance. This could mean having a pizza delivered if your wife says she is too tired to cook, or hiring a repair man to make repairs around the house.

Stay Positive

Last but not least, the best way to keep the relationship going is by staying positive. Be optimistic and be mindful of how you are looking at the situation. For example, if you missed one special occasion, take the effort to make it special when you do get home. This also means accepting the challenges that come your way and knowing that you can adapt to overcome any problem creatively.

Keep in mind that all relationships take work – and yours is no exception. With an effort and creativity, it is possible to keep your relationship going strong. Even from the road.