Preserve Your Tires With These 3 Tips

Sturdy, durable tires are vital to an optimal driving experience. That’s why regular tire inspections and maintenance are an essential part of semi-truck maintenance. To improve your rig’s overall performance and reduce the cost of tire repairs and replacements, take note of the following three tire care tips.

Inspect the Truck and Trailer:

Properly aligned wheels will improve your fuel mileage and tire longevity. If your wheels are misaligned, you’ll notice signs of extra wear and tear on the tires. Have the alignment checked any time you change tires or every few months.

Align the Drive Axle:

Have your drive axle checked alignment checked as well. A mechanic will use electronic sensors to measure the toe on one drive shaft and use that measurement to determine the thrust line. If the axle is misaligned, they will align it to point down the center of the frame, ensuring the truck is centered correctly.

Adjust all Other Axles:

Using the first axle as a benchmark, measure the remaining axles on the vehicle and trailer. All axles should be parallel to the reference axle. If your wheels are not uniformly moving in the same direction, your tires will undergo unnecessary wear, resulting in a reduced lifespan. Ensuring all axles are properly adjusted will save you the hassle and cost of frequent repairs or replacements.