Staying Happy on the Road

How Truck Drivers Can Keep a Clean Head


At Simon Transport, our drivers are our top priority. A huge part of keeping a happy driver is to
give them the tools and tips necessary to keep your spirits high and stay happy out on the road.
As with any career, there are aspects that don’t lend themselves to a joyous attitude: being
away from family, too much time spent in your truck, uncooperative receivers, stressful
inspections, and more can cause even the best drivers to stress. Learning ways to stay relaxed
and happy through these things is essential. Here are some great tips to keep a smile on your
face and a clear head as a driver.


Keep Healthy Relationships with Family

Being away from your family can be hard. If your carrier keeps you busy, it can be hard to find
time to connect with your family. We suggest developing a standard time to call or FaceTime
your loved ones — this will help them free up their schedule and will keep you consistent as well.
Many drivers find it great to FaceTime or Skype while they’re cooking dinner in their truck.
When calling back home, do your best to stay on top of everything that might pop into your head
while you’re driving. Coordinate your home time plans, stay up to date on family finances, plans,
and everyday occurrences. Something as simple as asking your spouse how your kids’ dance
practice was, how they did in their soccer game, or what their grades are can keep you from
stressing about it while your mind needs to be focused on the road.


Be Careful of the Company You Keep

Truck drivers often find colleagues or old friends at rest stops that they frequent. Sitting down for
a meal or a show with fellow drivers can be a great way to stay happy and fill your social needs,
but be mindful that you’re keeping the right company. Spending too much time with negative
attitudes or drivers that don’t keep their personal needs in check is a slippery slope.
Making friends that eat healthy, exercise, and keep conversations positive and humor-filled can
have a drastic effect on you as well. As the saying by Jim Rohn goes, “You become like the five
people you spend the most time with. Choose carefully.”


Eat and Live Healthy

Eating well has been shown in numerous studies to improve cognitive function and morale. It
can be easy on the road to quickly grab fast food, but taking an extra 5 minutes to make a
healthy sandwich or heat up a prepared meal will not only be kind to your body, but to your mind
as well. Many drivers get help from their spouses to do meal prep on their part. A great meal of
chicken, veggies, rice, or soup is an easy way to declutter your life on the road. Ham and
cheese sandwiches are able to be stored efficiently in your rig and can make for a great meal at
the end of a long day.
Exercising while on the road doesn’t have to be a time-consuming endeavor. A simple 10
minute walk around the rest stop is all you need to stay in shape. Stretching your legs, arms,
and back for 5 minutes is another great idea that you can take advantage of in the morning,
during detention, or when resting.


Exercise Your Mind

We get it; meditation can be hard. With so many thoughts always circulating, it’s not easy to
shut everything out. The key is to stay consistent. Within two weeks, you’ll see a drastic
difference in your cognitive function. Spend just 10 minutes every morning closing your eyes or
staring at one spot — something on the dashboard or a button on a shirt. Utilize one of the many
meditation apps available right on your phone. These apps have been developed to walk you
through the process of meditation from beginning to end.

Meditation is great to clear your head, but now we’ve got to fill your head with positive thoughts.
After meditating, open up a notebook or the Notes app on your phone to jot down just three
things that you’re thankful for today. These can be anything and can even be the same things
you were thankful for yesterday. Making a conscious effort to recognize the beautiful scenery, a
a nice or caring person in your life, a vacation you’re looking forward to, or the new shirt you
bought will train your brain to be grateful for the things you may take for granted.


Appreciate the Small Things

This tip may seem fundamental, but it’s often overlooked in the day-to-day spin of things. Look
for the sunset or sunrise, a clean rest stop, a receiver that unloaded you quickly, or a dispatcher
that just called to check in on you. Life is a blessing and when we learn to count each small
blessing, they add up to something much bigger.


Don’t Settle For a Subpar Carrier

Truck drivers keep the economy moving and keep life for everyone else possible. If you’re a
driver with at least two years of experience and are looking for a carrier with a family centered
culture who truly values your time and well-being, Simon Transport would love to have you.

Visit our current openings here to learn more.