Supply Chain Networks to Improve Logistics

The transportation industry is ever-evolving but dealing with a great amount of concerns; a shortage of truck drivers, capacity crunches, supply chain talent shortfalls, and slim customer service levels. In today’s global, highly competitive market, manual transactions are inefficient and reactive, which result in loss of profit and business. TDS has created a digital database and search engine to give their customers the most accurate information when they need it. By using this digital technology, shippers will become more efficient and proactive. It’s time to evolve by going digital, it could be that one thing to take your company from good to great! Read about the benefits of going digital.

Supply Chain Benefits:

  • Automate the booking/tendering process to streamline capacity search capabilities.
  • Connect to a data source to increase visibility to shipments in-transit.
  • Lower dwell times with scheduled appointments and ensure resources are available to help with loading and unloading.
  • Collaborate on freight assessorial costs to automate dispute resolution.
  • Become a preferred shipper by paying carriers correctly and on time.
  • Develop a management-by-exception model to improve efficiency of your own logistics operations team.
  • Share shipping schedules, load information and requirements so carriers know exactly what’s needed.

truck buttonData and having access to it, has really enhanced the way the trucking industry flows. Transportation Data Source provides reliable, abundant and accurate data in real-time. This information allows better collaboration, increased visibility, streamlined operations, and improved customer satisfaction, giving you the competitive advantage.

Let us help your company succeed in today’s technological savvy market. We can replace your manual and complex processes with responsive and reliable methods. Contact TDS at 877-691-1423 or online.